QueBitz developed this platform with the goal of simplifying scheduling and logistics, improving product quality, facilitating communication, promoting animal well-being, and enhancing profitability for all stakeholders. By reducing driver wait times and offering quick reporting options for unforeseen issues, the platform streamlines logistics, simplifies communication, and saves time and stress for everyone involved in the process. Furthermore, it facilitates communication with real-time updates that enable proactive, producer-driven efforts to improve animal health and food safety.

For packing plants, the platform provides a range of benefits, including streamlined logistics and scheduling efficiency. It also ensures that all truck drivers delivering loads are BQA certified, which helps improve animal welfare and food safety while ensuring product quality. With simple and clear communication facilitated by the app, packing plants can improve service to producers and provide a more efficient and effective supply chain. Overall, the app offers a comprehensive solution for packing plants seeking to improve their operations, enhance profitability, and meet the needs of their customers.

Cattle feeders can take advantage of the platform’s scheduled loading and unloading times, which reduce tissue shrink and increase carcass weights while also decreasing dark cutters and associated discounts. With a simple and clear communication platform, cattle feeders can easily monitor historical data and improve animal welfare, all while increasing their profits.

For dispatchers, the platform offers various advantages including improved scheduling and the ability to track and monitor their trucks in real-time throughout the transportation process. Dispatchers can easily see when the trucks are enroute to their origin and destination, as well as when they are 50, 30, and 5 miles away, and when they have arrived. The app also ensures that all drivers are BQA certified. With simple and clear communication facilitated by the app, dispatchers can streamline their operations and increase their profitability. Overall, the app offers a comprehensive solution for dispatchers seeking to improve their efficiency, reduce stress, and enhance their bottom line.

Truck drivers can benefit from better scheduling, shorter or non-existent unloading lines, less downtime, more road time, and simplified communication through the mobile app. These benefits translate into more profitability for truck drivers, making the app a valuable tool for the transportation sector.

Finally, consumers can rest assured that the beef they consume is of the highest quality and handled in the most humane way possible, thanks to the platform’s focus on animal welfare and food safety.