Our livestock logistics app streamlines the transportation process by connecting drivers, origins, destinations, and trucking companies in real-time. Drivers receive accurate pick-up and delivery times, and can report any issues on their journey while all parties can track ETAs. The app also enables the creation of new deliveries and assignment of drivers, with BQA information accessible to all. Accessible via mobile and web, our platform increases efficiency and connectivity in the livestock transportation industry.

Our team has extensive experience in various aspects of the livestock industry, such as livestock dispatching, delivering cattle to large packing plants daily, feeding cattle, marketing cattle, and running a large salebarn. We prioritized efficiency and user-friendliness in the development of our platform, which was guided by our deep understanding of the industry. To ensure that our platform meets the specific needs and requirements of those who use it on a daily basis, we beta tested it with industry professionals who provided constant feedback to make it as efficient as possible

We are committed to pushing beyond the status quo and constantly seeking out ways to enhance the way we do business. By utilizing advanced technology and systems, we strive to supply safe and nutritious beef to the world, from the ranch to the feedlot to the packing plant. Our belief is that it’s time to adopt a modern communication tool to improve efficiency, safety, and profitability, and to reduce stress for all parties involved in the industry, including the animal, the cow-calf producer, the cattle feeder, the truck driver, the packing plant, and ultimately, the consumer. We view this as a shared goal that can unite and benefit everyone involved in the industry.

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