It was a pretty typical day Wednesday at the feedyard. Paul had spent the afternoon juggling – sorting fats for Thursday morning delivery while trying to line up trucks for next Monday, a few text messages to track down off-truck weights for cattle shipped Tuesday night, matching up cattle checks and carcass data with shipment records from last Friday morning, four phone calls to straighten out a discrepancy in the numbers, and three more calls to figure out why we only received 61 yearlings on a load but paid for 62 head – let’s just say, it’s not what feedlot managers love most about their jobs.

And from that frustration came the idea for the QueBitz app – a simple, mobile, versatile, real-time communications hub that would unite and benefit everyone involved in our industry.

With years of experience feeding cattle, working with packing plants, running a large salebarn, and managing a cow-calf operation, it’s safe to say we understand the cattle industry. However, like most cattlemen, software development is not exactly our expertise. For that, we’re incredibly grateful to have the nation’s premier agriculture app developer in our own backyard.  Last fall we teamed up with the folks at Solutions by Bushel, formerly known as Myriad Mobile, to bring our idea to life.  After a year of research, discussion, and development, the QueBitz app is nearly ready to launch.

You might be wondering why a family of cattle producers would take on a project of this size. Well, just like you, we’re not satisfied with maintaining the status quo – we’re passionate about continuously searching for ways to improve the way we do business. From the ranch to the feedlot to the packing plant, we use hi-tech products and systems to supply the world with safe and nutritious beef – we feel it’s time we start using a modern communications tool to reduce stress and improve efficiency, safety, and profitability. And that’s our goal – to unite and benefit everyone involved in our industry – the animal, the cow-calf producer, the cattle feeder, the truck driver, the packing plant, and the consumer. After all, we’re in this together.

Contact us with your feedback or any ideas on how we can work together to improve our industry!

May God bless you and your family,

Bitz Families

Napoleon, North Dakota